What is serendipity?

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What is serendipity?

Hey friends,have you ever come across serendipity before?I would say that most of us have but sometimes we didn’t know what it was when it presented itself.What is serendipity?Here is a but a snippet of some growth steps and dream chasing I have been through over the past years and how i believe serendipity played a part. Hopefully you can relate to it and take something out of it that will help you on your own personal journey to success. I have been chasing dreams all my life and will be the first to admit that I still am.

Round 1

This is where it all started for me. I was shown a MLM opportunity about 26yrs ago and it blew me away!! I couldn’t believe it. Someone came across my path one day and showed me an opportunity and showed me folks that were making very good coin out of it. I had never associated with folks like that before. Nor had I ever thought of trying to be like them at all either.

Here was someone standing before me telling me I could achieve what they had. Far out man, that woke me up big time to the possibilities that might be available to me. I didn’t hesitate and signed up as soon as I could. I stuck with it for a couple years but there was one problem. I was scared to actually get out there and ring people and talk to them about the opportunity.

I bought all the tapes and products and went to all the seminars whenever I could and read all the success books my sponsors were selling me. Trouble was, all that “dreaming” activity didn’t get the money coming in. I basically went through this pattern for about 3 years, got distracted and quit.

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Round 2

After all of that, I coasted along for another 3or 4 years thereafter working a job and living week to week. A few job changes and location changes later and bam! I run into the same MLM opportunity again. This time an old school friend was running with it and seemed to be having some real success with it. Boom! I’m hooked and signed up again and  part with my money again and buying seminar tickets, books and tapes etc lol.  I Had very miniscule success with it this time round. I will be the first to admit, it wasn’t the opportunity, it was me not doing what really needed to be done to make it happen mostly due to fear. A few procrastination sessions, more people saying no and knockbacks etc later and bam, I’m out cold and throwing the towel in again lol, I know that I had quit both times but the dreams for a better life at the time never went away, they just got put away for a while.

Out cold and the towel thrown in !!

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Round 3

Continuing on in my conventional career as an electrician and things aren’t going that great financially. Most of the jobs I am in and out of are just not paying that well and with a young family at the time the money just comes in one hand and off it goes out the other. Still, Monday to Friday, I’m there chasing that that payday every week.

One day I land a job with a couple of blokes who own a small electrical business. We are basically running around and doing maintenance work for all sorts of customers. No big stuff, just fix up jobs and onto the next one. I liked it, it was easy interesting work with interesting customers and for the most part it was indoors, clean work in air conditioning. Being located in Northern Australia the air con work was much appreciated!!

Light Bulb Moment

One day both partners ask me to become a sub-contractor to them and basically become a separate entity to them but they continue to just sling me work. I was under no illusions that they wanted me to do it to save themselves some money, but what the heck,it was money to me and so I did. A few weeks later, one of the two partners asked me to go do a job at his house.

I get there at the house and it is stunning. A mini mansion. I meet his family and get on with the work. It’s during this visit that I look around this house and it is a real nice house. Great family, kids in private school and life in what I considered to be a nice area and beautiful home.

I go home that afternoon and I start asking myself all sorts of questions. I liked and got on well with that partner but I couldn’t help but wonder, that guy is no smarter than me and I don’t think he worked as hard as me but how come he lives in the kind of house that I could only dream about? How come he’s got a successful business? Then I thought, if he can do it, why can’t I?

18 months after having that “light bulb moment”I was pretty much on my own doing my own electrical contracting business which was set to keep going for the next 8 years.

During this time being self-employed was a bit of a mixed time for me. Fear, freedom and a sense of personal accomplishment feelings became my weekly friends, only they would “visit” at different times. After this time of being self-employed I ended up back working for other people again. It was then back the usual routine again.

It’s pretty predictable and stable as things can be working for someone else e.g. you know the money is going to be in the bank every Friday etc. It was pretty comfortable and I even managed to climb the “corporate ladder” a bit into a real cushy job with great pay and conditions. It was even pretty challenging at times but after I had “mastered” my job it just became repetitive.

I always felt like there was something missing when I was doing it. I figured out what it was. It was the creativity of it, challenge and personal growth. There was none of that unlike running my own business. As anyone knows who has run their own business. You are everything in it, Advertising manager, payroll, customer liaison, business development manager etc and so on. Also, there are no eight-hour days, holidays, sick pay etc. You are it and it all stops with you!!

Lessons learned

After all of that, looking back and during those times, I learned a few things:

Don’t go through life,grow through life!!

I’ve heard it said we become like the people we associate with and the books we read. Excellent personal growth books can be found here.

Make serendipity your friend and learn what it looks like, so you know what it is when you see it.

Fear is part of the experience, embrace it and just go with it, even when you don’t know the answer to solve a problem.

I learned more about who I really am. I learned I am a free spirit and love being my own boss and the creativity of it. It’s probably why it annoys me so much some days when I contemplate that I may have to give up the life when things aren’t going so well financially and go work for somebody again.

Sometimes you don’t have to know all the answers, just surround yourself with people that do and do the same for someone else if they need it.

Give !!! money, time, compassion, love whichever you choose to but give regardless. Its better living outside yourself than being insular and self-absorbed. The other important thing is that it comes back to you, always.!!

Anyway folks, enough blah,blah,blah from me.I hope this story helped you in some small way and please feel free to comment below or make contact if so desired. – Billy 🙂

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2 Comments on “What is serendipity?”

  1. you are in inspiration Billy.
    thanks for sharing you story.
    I haven’t been brave enough to branch out and start my own business yet but the more and more I hear stories from inspiring men like yourself who have i am getting closer and closer to it.
    the job i am at now came about by a moment of serendipity. I was out of work and not particularly looking for work. I was on the phone organising a catch up with an old friend over coffee , when he received an email about a job opening that was both beneficial to me and to him. 3 days later i was at a new job with a promotion and life had taken yet another tangent i never could have imagined was possible.

    1. thanks heaps Remy.Yes I have been fortunate enough to have serendipity help me out while I was employed and now self employed.Best wishes to you man on your journey and just contact me man if you need help or a question answered 🙂

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