What does sin mean in the Bible?

Hi readers and thanks for stopping by again to join me in this look at sin and it’s definition and consequences on our lives as seen from the Christian worldview. Ever since I was a kid I’d heard that word over and over and over again as I am sure we all have. My understanding of what it meant changed as I grew from a boy into a man. As a kid it meant “innocent” stuff such as lying, stealing the neighbors fruit, wagging(Aussie slang for skipping) school, seeing what cigarettes tasted like etc.

As I grew into my teens and into manhood I came to define it as e.g. full on crime, killing, drugs, war etc. As defined in the majority by what Mum and Dad taught as well as the popular culture around me, growing up in the 70s and 80s e.g. television, movies etc. A bit of the definition was also taught to me by occasional bouts of Sunday school at our local Presbyterian church where I was either bored out of my head waiting for the minister to stop droning on or dead keen to do the drawing and fun activities at Sunday school or eat the free food that was on offer!!

Well 40 plus years later for me, times have moved on and things have changed heaps in my life, especially since I became a born-again Christian, hence to say my view on sin has changed dramatically. The sole reason for this is as a born-again believer, the view and attitude of God the Father, God the Son(Jesus Christ) and God the holy spirit, towards sin becomes the believers view. This is achieved by The Holy Spirit that comes to dwell in a person(Ezekiel 36:27) once they accept Christ and through the daily reading of that God breathed, Holy Spirit inspired love letter to mankind from God, The Holy Bible!!

So What does sin mean in the Bible or another way to put it, what is sin to God?Join me now as we have a look at sin the way God sees it and explains it, under the following sections.

What is sin?

Where did it come from?

Sin and the human heart

What are the consequences of sin?

How do I fix this?Can I fix this?

Please do enjoy this read and don’t forget to add any of your questions/thoughts /comments on this article, below when you are done :))


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What is sin?

So just what is sin?Is it little white lies?Is it theft, cheating, perjury in a court room?Yes it is all of the above but here’s the kicker, this is what it really is in God’s eyes regardless of what the “offense” is. It all stems from the innate, true nature of all of our hearts that since the time of Adam and Eve, has caused us to be separated from God. Sin is us as mankind really saying to God,”leave me alone, I don’t need you, I know it all and I am going to do it my way and not yours”. Sin is serious and it is a real condition, as real as cancer, mental illness etc. The only difference being is that it is deeply, deeply spiritual and embedded in all of us that draw a breath today and in times past and on into the future.

Where did it come from?

According to the Bible in Genesis 3:6-22,sin was introduced into the world and onto mankind via that one act of rebellion by Adam and Eve towards God by disobeying a distinct command(Genesis 2:17) not to eat of the fruit of the tree of life. In Genesis 3:6,we see Eve’s reasons for wanting to go along with the serpent’s deceitful suggestions(Genesis 3:1) and eat of this fruit. Her reasons were :

  • she saw the tree as good food
  • the tree was beautiful to look at
  • there was a promise that eating this fruit would make her wise!

Following on from Eve’s reasons, we now look at God’s reasons and why he distinctly commanded Adam and Eve not to eat and not even touch it (Genesis 3:3).He knew full well that a touch would lead to the next step of eating it ! So these were his reasons for his command :

Genesis 2:17…”you shall surely die”. God never wanted the reality of death to be imparted onto his most precious creation… Us..and all the heartache and pain that this brings to us and loved ones at the passing of someone.

Genesis 3 :22…. God never wanted us to have the knowledge of Good and evil ! I mean like how many times have you heard of any parent wanting to protect their child or children from the knowledge of evil let alone the very act of evil?I used to hear it all the time as a kid;

“don’t touch that”

“stay away from that other kid”

“don’t do that”

All of these instructions were for one purpose only and that was to keep me safe. With the Lord God being our heavenly Father(Psalm 103:13),is it any wonder that he would do the same for us to keep us safe?

The heart - photo by fotografierende-unsplash

Sin and the human heart

The Bible discusses sin and the human heart on multiple occasions. It basically teaches that every human being after the “fall” of Adam and Eve has inherited this “spiritual design flaw” into each and every heart i.e. sin has been passed on spiritually, generation to generation and is alive and well in every human heart thereafter and right up till now in the present day.

God clearly identifies this fact in Genesis 6:5-6 by pointing dead centre(no pun intended) at the heart and it’s continual evil intent and thoughts. Let’s look at it this way…. Just imagine that you really love someone or really dislike someone or think of something that you really long to have e.g. a million bucks, big house, celebrity, fame etc.

Now when you think about any of those things, do you feel the intensity or passion for any of that emanating from your left ear, right hand, right big toe or left eye?Of course not, whether it be love, hate, anger, wanting stuff, goals, possessions etc we all feel that coming right out of our core of our being, our centre, our hearts!!

Jesus wasn’t mucking around when he pinpointed the heart as the source of all that can defile a man or woman!! see Matthew 15:19-20.

Going the wrong way sign - photo by NeONBRAND- unsplash

What are the consequences of sin? .

As I have stated before there are real and practical consequences of sin. These are as sure as the law of gravity or the certainty the sun will rise and set tomorrow. We can use Jesus’s list of examples of sins in Matthew 15:19-20. As an example to show this.

Evil thoughts


adulteries (voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse)

fornications (sexual intercourse between people not married to each other)


false witness

blasphemies (the action or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk)

When was the last time you ever heard of these things being committed and then hearing the offender/s have gone on to have such a joyful and blessed life without any related complications thereafter?.…..um…..never!

Another point of note is, just take a moment and consider everything going on in the world today and look at the history of the last 2000 years of mankind.War, disease,crime,murder,genocide,corruption,todays’ intolerance, hate,racism,injustice etc.

On top of all that, the feeling that the world has gone mad and society itself is unraveling at the seams.

If Jesus was right that the root problem of all our problems lies in each and every heart, doesn’t it kind of make sense that the common factor in all the above problems is the hearts of mankind?

Of course these practical consequences pale into comparison of the 3 ultimate consequences that I can think of right off the top of my head, and in my mind I couldn’t think of a more terrible set of prices to have to pay. The Bible is very clear about these prices and they are non-negotiable :

Judgment- Revelation 20:11-13,2 Corinthians 5:10, Hebrews 9:27

Death- Romans 6:23, John 3 :16,James 1:14-15,Proverbs 8:36

Eternal separation and punishment from God – Revelation 20:15,Romans 2:6-8, Revelation 21:8

Woman with the blues -photo by Amadeo Valar-unsplash

How do I fix this?Can I fix this?

Did you ever hear the joke about the man that goes to the doctor and the doctor says “I have bad news for you about your health…”

“you have a terminal illness and you have one month left to live, and by the way I forgot to tell you this one month ago!!”

Well, this inherited, innate condition of sin can be terminal as shown in the previous section but the good news(praise be to God) is that it can be “treated” and you can be “cured” to receive eternal life and to top it all off, the “treatment”is 100% totally free!!

You see, when God saw the separation created between Himself and His most valuable creation..us through Adam and Eve, he set in play a plan of redemption and rescue for us, mankind, in that we would be given an option to come back to Him or remain departed from him. This plan was set in motion all the way from Adam to Abraham and down through the Davidic covenant / line to His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. He knew the full implications of this separation and the hardness of our hearts and heads to always want to do things our way. To get around this, he laid and burdened every sin that would be committed from Christ onwards by every person on his Son, Christ’s shoulders. He then allowed Christ to die on the cross for all of us!!

In real terms, Christ became responsible for all of humanity’s sins as well as being beaten, spit on, mocked, betrayed, whipped,speared,falsely incarcerated, then tortured and murdered on the cross. To top all that off, he was an innocent man! In doing this the price was paid by Christ for all of us in advance.

So to answer the question of how does one fix this eternal separation between our hearts and God, the answer is very simple. We can’t fix it alone by buying it, good works(Ephesians 2:8-9) or by going through another faith belief to be reconciled to God (John 14:6).The only way of bridging this literal gulf(Luke 16:26) is by :

I can 100% guarantee from personal experience, that if you were to do this, your life will change forever!!


The good news of the Gospel is that the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ are still alive and well and just as keen to find those that are looking for them!!

The Holy Bible is a God breathed, Holy Spirit inspired love letter to all past and present. The truly great news is that

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit treasure us, mankind, more than creation itself because we are family to him, blood kin and today he is calling to you and me to come home to him. Will you come home today to Jesus Christ?

“Well how do I get there?” you might ask.

Just head to this link to take your free invitation back to the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ.

You are not alone anymore!!

I do pray and hope that this article was able to help you in getting to know just who the real Jesus Christ is and I am excited for the journey that now lies ahead of you in your new walk with Christ now!!

I do have 2 vital suggestions for you before you go:

1. try and read a bit of the bible every day. If you don’t have one, you can download a free offline version here.

Doing this will truly grow you and strengthen you in Christ!!

2. Get around other “born again” Christian believers asap. You can does this by seeking out your nearest “bible teaching church”. You can find one by simply entering “bible teaching church near me” into google or via a search on most social media platforms.

Getting around other believers will also be a great source of strength to you as well !!

Please do comment below or email me at admin@bayouswalk.com on any thoughts that you may have on the above article. I do really look forward to hearing about any testimony you might have on how Christ has impacted your life now. I would also like to hear any questions on how I can assist you now, in moving forward with your walk with Christ today and into the blessed future that awaits you!!

I truly hope that this article was able to assist somebody, somewhere !!

Stay blessed !!


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  1. This is very soul touching and super inspirational. I rarely come across a post like this and right now I am glad I did. It is like you are speaking to the soul of every reader here and I hope anyone reading this will get the same value as I am as well.

    It is very important that we understand the meaning of “Sin” as you well put it here in this article. To understand sin and the beginning of journey to forgiveness is certain.

    I am a Christian and I thank God for that. My Bible always tells me in Proverbs 3:5 down to “Trust the Lord with all your heart and never lean into your own understanding”. 

    This helps me a lot and reading what you have done here, is more inspiring to me as well.

    1. Richard, thanks heaps for your feedback here, it is truly appreciated.I am happy that this article was able to help you heaps,bless you mate!

  2. Hello there this is an amazing review you have got here. i am sure that the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who comes across it as it to me.This really caught my attention as i was scrolling through it and i think It is very important that we understand the meaning of “Sin” as you well put it here.This really educated me in a lot of ways, thanks for sharing and God bless you

    1. hey Joy,I am truly pleased that you were able to get something of value out of this article for you as well.Thanks heaps for your comments here,much appreciated.

  3. A topic like this is not easy to write about since you are addressing a potentially wide audience.but your sharing of your own recollection of being told as a kid: “don’t touch that”; “stay away from that other kid”; and “don’t do that” and similar admonishments, and explaining that these instructions that “were for one purpose only – and that was to keep you safe” – I really liked and hope you get the response you are aiming for. 


    1. Hi Ron,thanks heaps for your comments here.i do hope that you were able to get something out of this article for yourself as well.

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