My daily routine.

Hi Folks, this is just a post discussing my daily routine. This is written in the hope that by illustrating my daily routine it might help anybody that is struggling to get organised in their attempt to achieving personal goals.My daily routine will be discussed under the following headings.

  • Put you first…
  • Exercise
  • Spiritual/reading
  • Plan/review the day coming
  • Execute
  • Giving
  • Time out
  • and thats a wrap…..

I am not saying this is the be all and end all of daily routines,certainly not,just hoping that somebody,somewhere can take something away from this and use it.Please do enjoy this read courtesy of myself  and don’t forget to add any questions/thoughts /comments below when you are done :))

Put you first…

Never a truer word spoken !!

Off to bed I go at 830pm and hopefully snoozing by 0930pm, I aim to get approximately 7hrs sleep and then up at 0420.Outside of my conventional 8 to 5 business,I have another online business that I am pretty passionate about it but struggled to get it going because I always put it last in the day when I was tired as well as the fact that staring at a device screen before bed does nothing to help induce a good nights sleep. So during this hour, in the slience when the kids are asleep and no distractions, is my time to work on the stuff I love. A side note here I just realised is, working on something at odd hours is heaps easier to do when the project is yours alone and you love it/are passionate about it.


A simple 30 minute walk will do it !!

Next up is my other fun bit….0530-0600 or roughly 30 minutes from start.Exercise !! You dont have to be off and training for the Hawaii ironman,just go for a walk,shadow box,go to the shops on the bike,try skipping at home or even put music on at home and try dance to it lol.To read about more in depth benefits of exercise and other free exercise ideas,please go here.



Good stuff in equals good stuff out !!

This is my time to think outside the box of things/ideas that are larger than me.I usually do this in conjunction to having breakfast.This is so I can ” feed ” my soul and or brain with new ideas.For me its a daily page at minimum of my bible. For others it could be a form of study or motivational materials or other faith based readings.It doesnt have to take long,a couple pages max does it for me !! I heard it said once “good stuff in equals good stuff out !! ” For a comprehensive list of some more great reading ideas,please see here.

Plan/review the day coming

'failure to plan is a plan to fail '

To do this part, having and keeping a written or electronic diary is a good idea.You can see what didn’t get done the day before and bring it forward, what needs to be done today and for the days coming.A diary will also be an effective written record of days,tasks,events etc. gone by. If you can just start the simple habit of writing stuff down and making notes here and there you can pretty much keep on top of things with a basic plan of how your week/month/year might be looking.


time to get it done !!

This is the time where the “rubber meets the road” .Just get on with what you have to do e.g. work,study,training,meetings,social catch ups etc.Nothing defeats fear of doing something like actually doing the feared task/activity.I have been in the industry in my ” have to ” self employed business for quite a number of years and I still get a bit apprehensive when meeting a new customer and providing a service for them.I find the only thing that cures that is just getting on with it !!

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give !!

Just a bit of a detour here off the topic of having a daily routine is giving .During the execution phase of my day when I am out and about is keeping an eye out for a giving opportunity.By this I mean being mindful of others around you and lending a hand,time,attention or money wherever you can or “adding value ” wherever I can.My theory is this.Giving comes back to you when you need it and it is real in the here and now in contrast to waiting for future goals that may or may not materialise.Why not enjoy the moment now by this simple concept?

Time out

take a break when you need to !!

Time out is essential,please consider making this a definite part of your day.We aren’t robots or the ” Duracell bunny ” that just keep going,we all need our time out to.A simple time out can help with problem solving,a difficult customer,an out of control child etc. An extreme example of this concept is detailed in the book SAS : Who Dares Wins : leadership secrets from the special forces. In one of the chapters a soldier describes that it is taught and common practice when under actual gunfire he crouches down in a safe place , takes a couple slow deep breaths to process what is actually occuring and then make a plan to fight back or escape !! Yeah but no ,I think I will just put up with a crying child or being frustrated in traffic than that lol!! TIme out can be at any time during the day and it can be at smoko(morning tea as we say here in Autralia),lunch or it can be as simple as taking 5 deep breaths or practising meditation or mindfulness for a few brief seconds.

and thats a wrap…..

tomorrow is another day !!

I dont know about you but at the end of the day, I am glad its over especially when there is a weekend around the corner !! Folks can spend this time off in all sorts of ways but for me it means a few things :

1.time to assess and plan the next day

2.time out/time away from my job.

3.time to do stuff I want to do compared to stuff I have to do !!

After finishing up on the above,it’s time for bed,grabbing some healthy sleep ready to have a go again in the morning.


I hope the above illustration of my daily working schedule can be of benefit to the reader.

Please leave a comment or question below on anything related to this post and I will attempt to answer and help where I am able to. Thanks for visiting,reading and commenting !!







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2 Comments on “My daily routine.”

  1. Thanks alot Billy.

    This is truly helpful.
    I liked how you stated te routine in an organised and applicable order.

    I started an online business too, early last month, but there’s been a challenge with consistency. I get home after the day’s conventional work tired, and not energised to do much. I will employ your strategy on this.

    Thanks once again, i will back to learn some more.

    1. Hi Festus, thanks for your comments. Glad it helped. Yes definitely, please do have a go at using this strategy and put your online business first.The routine has been working out great for me.Hope it works out for you :))

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