Mindful Christianity today -my review.

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Hi there folks and welcome to my review on Mindful Christianity today, in particular a channel on YouTube called “the mindful christian”. The main reasons I chose to review this channel is to provide readers with my honest opinion of this channel as well as to make folks aware of the great variety of free resources online that are available to help everyday people in their exploration of Christianity and mindfulness and meditation.

In this review I will be covering various points such as :

  • Just what is the Mindful Christian channel about??
  • Where to find it
  • Pros of this channel
  • Cons of this channel
  • My recommendation

Please do enjoy this review and don’t forget to add any questions/thoughts /comments below when you are done :))



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So, Just what is the Mindful Christian channel about??

According to my research, the Mindful Christian channel appears to be about providing resources online to combine aspects of the christian faith with mindfulness and meditation techniques. Google search the aforementioned phrase and you will probably find all sorts of opinions on whether Christianity and meditation should be studied together at all. From my experience, the christian faith can be like a political party in that the individual beliefs of each denomination can be as different as the left,centre and right of a political party.There is enough controversy in that sentence alone to write at least one or more blogs on that topic itself. Delve more into this topic in google and you will soon find all of the “for and against” around this topic.At this point I will be just sticking to the review of this channel and will be leaving it at that.

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Where can I find this channel??

This channel can be found at the following link here.

Pros of this channel.

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The good things I found in this channel are:

  • The available videos are just the right size for those who might be new to mindfulness and meditation and those that don’t have a lot of spare time to squeeze in their “reflection time” in. Ranging in size from 7-20 minutes, these are ideal to get in and get out and get on with your day.
  • I personally love how the channel combines the christian faith with mindfulness and meditation. My reasons for this are I hold these two aspects close to my heart as meditation and mindfulness has helped to turn my life around in the last two years and I really value my relationship with God via my christian faith and hence I get to spend time with God whilst using these resources.


  • It’s free!!! To the creator of this free channel, all I can say is a big thank you and well done on the work created herein so far !
  • All videos are in a “guided” meditation format in that a voice talks you through the various steps of each session. A big help to beginners and experienced alike in this area!!
  • This resource is portable, as long as you have a smartphone, network coverage and 10-20 minutes, this stuff can be available to you around the world at the time of your choosing !!
  • The topics covered in these videos cover anxiety,joy,peace and just being “still” in the presence of God.

Cons of this channel.

The cons of this channel……..hmmm let me see…….To be honest,I couldn’t find any.The proof is in the pudding here so they say.A channel that has 20,000 subscribers…what else is there to say !! :))



My recommendation.

So in this article we have covered the following aspects of the YouTube channel “The Mindful Christian” :

  • what it is about
  • a brief discussion on the “controversy that surrounds merging meditation and Christianity
  • the good and bad about it
  • and where to find it.

For me personally, this channel given me the daily opportunity to take time out and partake in mindfulness and meditation as well as spend time with my creator in this serene environment. It helps me to come back to just “being” as well as covering other areas such as gratitude, anxiety and stillness whilst focused on my creator. I thoroughly recommend a visit to this channel by the beginner and experienced person alike and see what It can do for you. It has helped me greatly!!

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I hope you enjoyed my review on this YouTube channel “The Mindful Christian” and I truly hope that this article was able to assist somebody, somewhere !!

If you have any questions or thoughts on my review on the YouTube channel “the mindful christian” or how this article was able to assist you, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!!

Peace !!

Billy :))














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4 Comments on “Mindful Christianity today -my review.”

  1. Hi Billy,

    I have always found that slowing down to take the time to meditate a wonderful experience.

    However of recent it is something I have not done.

    I had a process where I used to go to a room in my head and I would create solutions for my issues in life.

    Often amazing things would happen shortly after.

    I used to do this process just before I went to sleep and it really helped my sleep patterns too,

    I appreciate your review of the channel and reminding me of just how important taking the time to meditate is.

    I will start again tonight before sleeping.


    1. Thanks very much for your feedback here Tim,much appreciated !! Yes please do give it a try and get back to me if you need to discuss further :))

  2. Hello Billy. I hope you having a good time and enjoying the season… Thank you for sharing your review, findings, thoughts and recommendations of the Mindful Christianity today channel. This channel seems to be proven to be reliable to help people in their exploration of Christianity, mindfulness and meditation. Has decent Subscribers too.

    1. HI BEazzy,thanks for your input here,yes,it is a great channel and rightly so it has the 20000 subscribers !!This is my favourite video on the channel right here.

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