Is there a pre-tribulation rapture?



Hi friend and thanks for stopping by again to check out my website. Today I wanted to talk to you about an issue that has most probably bugged the church for as long as there have been believers and followers of Jesus Christ on the face of the earth. I don’t believe it to be a “salvation” critical issue in one sense but I do believe it can and will lead to a falling away from the faith which then and will become a matter of personal salvation lost or gained at that time(Revelation 3:3)

Maybe you :

did a Google search;

dropped in a few keywords;

the hand of the good Lord had brought you to this site;

or you are wondering when is the rapture of the church or just what is the rapture of the church?

Either way I am glad you are here because:

A. I get to share the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ with you

B. I get a chance to submit to you my firm belief that contrary to popular belief in the global evangelical church, there is no early out, escape, rapture for saved, Bible believing Christians from the “tribulation” period that is to come. Hang around most evangelical, Pentecostal type churches today long enough and pretty soon you are going to hear the position that most are expecting to be “raptured” at any time soon.

This doctrinal view seems to be especially prevalent during this present day of covid, wars, terrorism, culture wars, cancel culture and all the other big “cracks” that seem to be appearing daily in society. In this article I will walk you the reader through my position below under the following sections:

What is the “rapture” ?

What is the tribulation?

When will this tribulation occur?

Where is my proof?

So why did I write this article??

What is the important takeaway from all of this?

**where scripture verse numbers are quoted below, just hover over the text to see the actual verse wording*

**My disclaimer… I am not a university qualified theologian, pastor, bible scholar, past seminarian, priest, etc. I am simply a born-again man that loves Gods’ written word, The Holy Bible, love studying it, thinking about it, and living by it.**

Please do enjoy this read and don’t forget to add any of your questions/thoughts /comments on this article, below when you are done :))


Please do enjoy this read courtesy of myself and don’t forget to add any questions/thoughts /comments below when you are done :))

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What is the rapture?

Well, first things first. The word rapture is not used at all in any translation of the Holy Bible. The term rapture that is used today is derived from the Latin and Greek translation of the Bible verse that refers to this event. The words used are rapturo(to seize or snatch) and Harpazo(to snatch or take away) respectively.The English word is derived from the Latin word, rapio, which means to seize or snatch.

The rapture is an eschatological term that is used in reformed Christianity particularly in evangelical Christianity.1Thessalonians 4:17 describes the rapture as a future event in which living Christians and resurrected believers are physically removed from the earth to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air and removed to heaven to be with our Lord Jesus Christ forever.

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What is the tribulation?

The tribulation period or more commonly known as the great tribulation or tribulation (Matthew 24:25, Mark 13, Luke 21:20) is a coming global community shaking event. It is foretold of in a number of books in the Holy Bible but here below are just a few examples that give a clear outline of what it will actually look like:

It’s triggered by A massive military campaign against Jerusalem and guaranteed desolation of this location

Luke 21:20

Invasion of Jerusalem, killing, war, and captivity specifically named against the Hebrew people Luke 21:23

a mass exodus/refugee crisis starting at Jerusalem – Matthew 24:16-20

Mass death on a global scale – Matthew 24:22

A time of trouble, chaos, and death that will surpass anything, ever experienced by mankind since the beginning of the world – Mark 13:19

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When will this tribulation occur?

The Holy Bible does not give an exact time and date of the tribulation but it does clearly describe physical events occurring globally that are actually indicators that the tribulation is about to start. Some examples are:

  • A multitude of false prophets declaring they are in fact Jesus Christ come back(Matthew 24:5…go online, they’re everywhere!!
  • Multiple wars globally and rumors of wars(Matthew 24:6-7)….turn the t.v. on or social media, it seems like a never-ending war or a new conflict daily if not weekly at least…
  • Global disease outbreaks and earthquakes (Matthew 24:7-8)…..need I expand here.Today(2021), we are still fighting Covid -19 and it is commonplace to hear of earthquakes at least monthly, globally!
  • Global physical Christian persecution Luke 21:12-17,Mark 13:9-13
  • Apart from these signs, Our Lord Jesus Christ reaffirms the importance of paying attention to signs(Matthew 24:32-33) and He backs the truthfulness of His words up with this statement of integrity in (Matthew 24:34-35)……in other words, these promises are not just made up Hollywood stuff, it’s coming and it’s all going to happen!!




Where is my proof?

As with any proof when it comes to the Bible, there is only one 100% rock solid, truthful source. And that is in the pages of Bible scripture alone and equally important in the context of how it’s presented!!

Check out these sobering but telling Bible verses/examples that clearly prove there is not going to be any pre-tribulation rapture/escape/early out for Bible-believing and following Christians and resurrected believers but only a post-tribulation rapture after this coming disaster has almost decimated mankind!!

  • Matthew 24:21-22…..believers are definitely present during the tribulation


  • Matthew 24:29-31…believers are collected/raptured by Angels under command of Jesus Christ POST tribulation(Matthew 24:29)and again at Matthew 24:40-41


  • Mark 13:20…believers are definitely present during the tribulation


  • Mark 13:24-27….believers are collected/raptured by Angels under command of Jesus Christ POST tribulation


  • Luke 21:27-28….the redemption of believers is imminent with Christ’s second coming which is clearly described POST tribulation


  • 1Thessalonians 4:15-17…. although popularly used to promote the pre-tribulation escape, this in fact confirms believers went through the tribulation and are then raptured by Christ at His second coming as described in Matthew 24:29-31Mark 13:24-27Luke 21:27-28


  • Revelation 7:9-14…this clearly describes a great multitude of saved believers who are survivors of the great tribulation I.e they lived THROUGH it and survived!


  • Scripture from the Book of John -by Wisconsin Pictures-Unsplash

So why did I write this article??

The main reason I wrote this article is to submit to you the reader, that there is not going to be any early out, escape, rapture of Bible believing and following Christians from the tribulation to come.

This leads me to my next point. Pre-tribulation rapture teaching has created a bunch of people who are dead set betting their lives/faith/everything that Christ is coming to rescue them from a guaranteed terrible time to come. My issue is this:

What if this popular teaching is in fact false and Christ is not going to show for a rescue at the “appointed” time pre tribulation?

You are then left with masses of Christians who are now:

bitterly disappointed, angry, and despairing;

Who have no idea on how they are going to navigate this coming global crisis because for years they thought early rapture=no worries=I don’t have to prepare and so on

who then go into “survival” mode in the midst of global panic, death and chaos and choose denial, deceit, apostasy, betrayal of fellow believers to the death just to preserve their own lives

That’ll never happen you say?

Matthew 24:23-24, Mark 13:21-22, Luke 21:16-19 speak of these actions clearly. Here is the tricky part with these verses. They are written in these three gospels under “signs of the times and the end of the age”….before the actual tribulation period of each book. The shocking point here is exactly that, they were all expecting to be “raptured, snatched away” to the safety of heaven at that time…pre-tribulation!! But according to scripture, this is not going to happen and hence we will see a mass of Christian folk who will be totally unprepared for what will unfold around them and will resort to anything to survive that.

What is the important takeaway from all of this?

  • Arguments and interpretations over biblical scripture, doctrine and prophecy have been going on for centuries now. I would say that ramped up considerably after the first bibles were mass printed!! The intention of this article is not to take part in that but if anything, I would recommend taking these points away from this article:
  • Get a Bible and get to know it. Read a little every day, You don’t have to become a bookworm overnight but steady, steady, little by little you will become familiar with what the Bible has to say on all aspects of scripture. Don’t ever rely on getting scriptural information from social media, TV, radio, YouTube, etc. You are always guaranteed the 100% purity of God’s word when it’s taken from the pages of scripture alone!!
  • Watch and take note of all the things going on in the world today. The Kingdom of the Lord is at hand(Luke 21:36). Look at how crazy the world seems to have become today, truth is dead, right and wrong are gone, families are under attack, innocence is scorned, etc., and so on and so on(Isaiah 5:20). This cannot go on, society and mankind cannot go on like this and the pages of the bible describe all of this and the definite ultimate judgment from God awaits us all(Mark 13:33).


The good news is that the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ are still alive and well and just as keen to find those that are looking for them!!

The Holy Bible is a God-breathed, Holy Spirit-inspired love letter to all past and present. The truly great news is that

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit treasure us, mankind, more than creation itself because we are family to him, blood kin, and today he is calling to you and me to come home to him. Will you come home today to Jesus Christ?

“Well how do I get there?” you might ask.

Just head to this link to take your free invitation back to the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ.

you are not alone anymore!!

I do pray and hope that this article was able to help you in getting to know just who the real Jesus Christ is and I am excited for the journey that now lies ahead of you in your new walk with Christ now!!

I do have 2 vital suggestions for you before you go:

1. try and read a bit of the bible every day. If you don’t have one, you can download a free offline version here.

Doing this will truly grow you and strengthen you in Christ!!

2. Get around other “born again” Christian believers asap. You can does this by seeking out your nearest “bible teaching church”. You can find one by simply entering “bible teaching church near me” into google or via a search on most social media platforms.

Getting around other believers will also be a great source of strength to you as well !!

Please do comment below or email me at on any thoughts that you may have on the above article. I do really look forward to hearing about any testimony you might have on how Christ has impacted your life now. I would also like to hear any questions on how I can assist you now, in moving forward with your walk with Christ today and into the blessed future that awaits you!!

I truly hope that this article was able to assist somebody, somewhere !!

Stay blessed !!


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10 thoughts on “Is there a pre-tribulation rapture?”

  1. Hi William

    I’ve never heard of tribulation before, so thank you for this article. If somebody was a non-believer, but then became a believer during the tribulation period, do you think they would be saved during the rapture? I’m just curious because it doesn’t seem like it would be much of a test of faith to believe in god during that time.


    1. Hey David,thanks for your thoughts here,it is much appreciated.David scripture clearly says that whoever will call upon the Lord shall be saved wether it be today or the coming tribulation e.g. see Jeremiah 30:7,Joel 2:32,Acts 2:21.I beg to differ that if anybody had faith during any extreme time of trial in their life that that would be an ultimate test of wether their faith was genuine or not.Great question but,thanks David.

  2. I read this article with interest because I learned a lot of interesting things. I was raised in the Catholic religion, but I distanced myself from the organized Church, because of the way it operated and manipulated throughout history.
    I have a deep respect for faith, but I do not place special emphasis on the Bible, because this book is also the fruit of manipulation, and over the course of two millennia a lot of important information has been omitted, which did not suit the Church’s leadership.
    I believe we all have an inner connection to God that is desirable to maintain and trust that life guides us on a path that allows us to grow spiritually and develop.
    I am happy to read articles like this because I always like to get to know different points of view, and I respect the faith and thoughts of each individual.
    I wish you all the best

    1. Hi Nina,I thank you for your input here on this article.I understand that not every person is going to have the same world view as me through the lens of evangelical christianity.That aside i do appreciate you expressing your thoughts on this article.I hope it was of some benefit to yourself.

  3. I was brought up in a very strict Presbyterian family, so I have heard of the rapture, but was not familiar with the tribulation, so found this post fascinating. Over the course of the past 10 years or so, I have stopped going to church, as I have seen too many churchgoers doing evil things in the name of religion. I do believe there is a greater being that looks after me and keeps His hand over me. 

    1. Hi Line,thanks for your comment here on this article!I also spent my early years attending a presbyterian church with my parents.I had no idea what was going on at church but couldnt wait for sunday school snacks and drawing lol.I can understand that the actions of others could have caused you to dismiss “organised” religion.I can tell you one thing though.The God of the bible doesn’t want a “formal” relationship with you or I but is calling out to all of us via His risen Son Jesus Christ to come home to Him today.I pray that you might consider this.Thanks Line 🙂

  4. I love your emphasizes on the Bible as the only proof for the Gospel. It is left to us to believe the unchanging word of God. Rapture and the great tribulation are events that must come to past, weather we believe it or not. The best we all must do is leave a life that is based on God’s word and rooted in the scriptures 

    1. Hi Parameter,thanks for your feedback here on this article,it is much appreciated.Yes,I believe the world is definitely entering into this time of tribulation.I dont think its such a far fetched idea at all.As I said in the article the Bible tells of a major conflict breaking out in the middle east starting at Jerusalem.Look at the middle east today?Its not such a ridiculous idea after all is it??

  5. Hi, I’ve just gone through this insightful article you’ve shared with us here named, Is there a pre-tribulation rapture? Some of us do read the bibles but never understand certain words or concepts in depth. I’m surprised on how you’ve clearly explained what rapture and tribulation mean. I’m also happy about endless number of verses you’ve shared with us here in support of what you’re talking about. Your blog in general raises my spirit high and I’ll be visiting it regularly to learn more about what you share.

    1. Hi Kokontala,thanks heaps for checking out my article.I am happy that you found some things of value in the article that you can takeaway from that.I think, providing biblical verses to back up what I am saying is the only way to convey God’s word to any reader of my articles.thanks for your feedback friend :))

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