Does Yoga help stress??

A couple years ago, I was invited by a friend to attend yoga with her. One of my first thoughts was “does yoga help stress??”.I most probably thought this way because at the time life wasn’t going the best and I was trying different things e.g. meditation as well as exercise to keep on top of things mentally.

What I learned and gained from that first and subsequent sessions, was just unbelievable!! I will be discussing this under the following sections as well as providing images of common yoga poses throughout the blog to help you get a feel for what it is truly about.

It’s not weird is it?

chill out for free !!

get balanced

stretch it out

make the monkeys shut up !!

tone, strength and fitness

your portable calm

where can I get started?

Please do enjoy this read and don’t forget to add any questions/thoughts /comments below when you are done :))

it’s not weird or anything is it?

Tree stance.

Ah the word Yoga. It conjures up all sorts of images doesn’t it e, g, An Indian guru with a long grey beard on a mountain top or a person with incredible flexibility in the most unbelievable pose. I think the reason it still has a bit of a “weird” stigma attached to is that it’s origins are not from the western world. The upside is that in todays western world there is a higher percentage of folks just like you with an open mind(a higher percentage compared to say 30 yrs ago) that are giving it a go. You can be one of them and I highly recommend that you do give it a try !!

chill out for free !!

my lounge room yoga set up :))


If money is an issue for you but you would still like to have a go at it or even “try before you buy”, no problem. Just do this :

1. Head online to YouTube and search for e.g. beginner yoga or yoga etc. Do this on the smart TV in your lounge room or via a device you can hook up to the TV.

2. Push the furniture back and make plenty of space

3. Grab a yoga mat if you have one and lay it out. play on YouTube and just follow the teacher to the best of your ability..simple as that !!

get balanced.

warrior two stance

Certain exercises and stances in yoga really help to improve your physical balance. This is through the actual strengthening of specific “balance ” muscles like your core. Your balance and improving it, is also done by carrying out certain mindfulness stances that teaches folks to become specifically aware of their balance at that particular time e.g. the yoga teacher will direct you to focus on the feel of your feet on the mat at that time and how your balance feels around that.

Stretch it out.

child's pose.

The majority of yoga poses/stances involve stretching. Don’t worry and don’t panic those painful looking stretches and poses are progressive and not things people are expected to do straight away or if at all. The beauty of Yoga is that it is done to your limitations and at your own pace. Another benefit of stretching is that it prevents your muscles ‘shortening” and becoming tight and not as efficient as they should be when you need to use them e.g. lifting something or maybe even running for the bus when you’re late. The end result is that yes, Yoga can help improve and maintain your flexibility gradually .

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makes the monkeys shut up !!

Have you ever tried to get to sleep at night and just rolled around endlessly because of thoughts running continuously through your head or even during waking hours at work or elsewhere? Yoga can help quieten this “noise” sometimes referred to as “monkey chatter ” continuously going through your head. This is done by learning mindfulness through the combination of physical exercise/stretching and focusing on ones breathing at the same time.

Tone,strength and fitness

downward facing dog pose.

When actually practicing yoga, there are poses that will actually put you in a position that put various muscle groups under tension just using your own body weight. The general end result of this after frequent sessions is that you begin to gain strength, tone up those muscles and improve overall fitness. Sometimes we think this can only happen by throwing weights around at a gym or punishing yourself by going jogging etc. It really is amazing what gravity, your own body weight and a half hour can do !!

your portable calm

claim your 'portable calm ' now !!

Another benefit of yoga is what I describe as a “portable calm”… I know, weird description right but it’s just how I feel these days since practicing yoga and meditation. Another way I can describe it is like having a “reservoir of energy, restraint and calm and it even feels like I carry it around everywhere( hence it being portable lol) somewhere in my abdominal area. I know my descriptions are getting more weird but it’s the best I can describe it.

The end result in practical day to day terms for me is in days gone by if someone or something upset me I would not handle it so well rationally, These days when it happens to me I pretty much go into a think before I act mode before doing anything about it if ever at all !!

where can I get started??

Mountain pose with arms raised.

So you had a read of this article and would like to get started with yoga ?Fantastic !! Here are a few suggestions on how you can get started :

  • head to Facebook and login or register and then search your local community groups online and undoubtedly you will find yoga happening near you.
  • just google search yoga in your local area and you should definitely come up with results you can follow up on !!
  • Just do as I suggested above under the section “chill out for free !! ” and have a go at trying it at home via YouTube first.


I hope this post has helped clear up any misconceptions about yoga, how it can help you

If you have any questions or thoughts on this article or Yoga itself, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!” I truly hope that this article was able to assist somebody, somewhere !!

Namaste !!

Billy :))





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12 Comments on “Does Yoga help stress??”

  1. I started yoga a couple of weeks ago and I do start to see benefits from it. I get less stress and less angry. Well, not easily at least. Stress is my second nature. My instructor says that It’s going to take at least two months to see the full benefits. What’s your opinion?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Kate,thanks for your input here,much appreciated.I found with yoga and meditation,the immediate effect was just feeling great.After a couple months i really started to notice the “portable calm” inside me that I mentioned in the blog as well as the mindfulness.My advice to you is to definitely stick with it and also disown the statement you made that “stress is your second nature”.Don’t accept that,it doesn’t have to be. best wishes with this Kate :))

  2. I believe yoga is really great for all sorts of things. I try to go to classes at the gym as often as I can as I really need to improve my flexibility as am naturally very stiff. 

    I can,t say that I love the classes as they are not very comfortable, but the feeling of peace and relaxation that you feel afterwards is worth every minute of discomfort. With short hamstrings I must say that the whole salute to the sun routine is very sore at the beginning until I am warmed up.

    1. Hi Michel,thanks heaps for your input here,much appreciated !!If the classes are not so comfortable ,I say have a go at it at home as I have described in my article.Yes i am the same,starting off in a routine can be a bit stiff and sore until we warm up.Hope you stick with it Michel and it helps you with your well being :))

  3. Hi Billy,

    Very interesting and helpful post about yoga.

    Looking at the poses, I’m not sure if I could handle yoga because I have lots of body aches. With some stretching exercises I somehow get some control of them. But doing those poses for a longer period of time, I wonder if I could sustain them.

    Do you think yoga could help lessen my body aches?


    1. Hey Marita,thanks heaps for your input here,greatly appreciated!!A good thing about yoga is that you can do it at your pace and ,imitations.It doesnt have to be a race.I’m no qualified person to say if it will lessen your body aches but I do suggest to give it a try and see if does benefit you in anyway.Best wishes with this Marita :))

  4. I’m a guy and sometimes we don’t feel like yoga is really for us.  Your article really made me want to check it out further though.  You did a good job of really making me feel comfortable with yoga positions in general.  I’m not gonna lie.  I would probably feel more manly lifting weights or something, but I do kind of wonder about the meditative benefits of yoga that go with the physical ones.  Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    1. hey Brandon,thanks heaps for your input here,much appreciated!! Yes yoga does have the only for women image.I tell ya,being in a class full of women doing yoga does feel a bit weird for us guys to lol,well it did for me.Thats why i put the bit in about doing it at home in your own privacy.If you are wondering about giving it a shot I suggest doing it at home first and see if you like it or not.It truly does have meditative,calming benefits,Give it a go at home and see if its right for you :))

  5. Hi Billy. Great article on doing Yoga. I especially loved the part about doing it from home in front of your own TV. I suffer from osteoporosis in my back and have been looking for an exercise program that will not only be safe for me to do , but will help destress me as well, I have to be careful with certain exercises as they could cause bone breakage. My doctor says I have to increase the strength of the muscles in my back. But she didn’t say how to do this. I’ve been looking at Gyms and other forms of exercise. However, I would prefer to do something less strenuous and in my own home. The only thing is some of the Yoga movements look like they would be to hard for me. Do you have a program that would suit someone like myself.  Jim

    1. Hey Jim,thanks for your thoughts on this article,much appreciated !! Yes doing it in your own home is the best and its free which is even better.I am not qualified to comment on which exercises would be best for your back or give you a program.I am just an average joe experimenting with health and well being stuff on my own,but definitely always on the lookout for new ideas when it comes to my own health and well being.My suggestion to you is just get on youtube and search beginner yoga and even beginner yoga for men and try a few of the videos out and see which works best for you.Remember to go at your own pace and limitations.Good luck with this Jim :))

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