Do dreams come true in real life?

It all starts with a dream/goals, but do dreams come true in real life? You bet they do. They have for me a few memorable times in my life and most recently, here.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to live the life which they have imagined, they will meet with a success unexpected in common hours” – Henry David Thoreau. As I’ve said before, I love this quote for two reasons:

1. It can be applied to any goal by anybody.

2. To me it feels like a written guarantee/principle that if we never give up, we can make it.

Dreams coming true and success in general have also been defined as “the progressive realisation of a worthwhile dream/ideal ” by Earl Nightingal

Henry David Thoreau was an American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian. 12 july 1817 - 6 may 1862

So, how do you get a dream?

I think this is as mysterious as the universe itself. The damn things just seem to come out of nowhere don’t they in what some inventors/entrepreneurs have described as “lightbulb” moments.Other times they are born out of neccessity e.g. hardship in ones personal circumstances e.g. a refugees dream to escape their native land for a safer /prosperous land.

For some it can start by sitting at traffic lights one day and watching a car pull up next to you that you absolutely love and just deciding there and then that you want one. It can also start by meeting that special person and you just like the way they smile or the sound of their voice. Wanting a desperate career change, travel plans or chasing academic achievement are other “fire starters”in the belly of folks!! Allow yourself to be open to possibilities and you will “catch one” as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow morning.

University graduates celebrating!!

I’ve got one, what do I do with it?

The answer to this is pretty simple. Follow it or say no to it. Our dreams come to us but it is up to us to say yes or no to them. You will know when you have one when it’s pretty much all you think about most of the day.The other thing is by just thinking about it, your pulse starts to race and you can see and hear it in your imagination.There is nothing wrong with this and its not just random waste – your- time daydreams.This is a good sign.This is the way your soul,the universe,God or whatever you want to call it, lets you know you are onto something here.

Nurture it.

How do I do that?Take care of it as you would an infant because that is what the dream starts as when it is born.Feed it everyday by visualisation/imagination.Just allow yourself to do this.This can be done by :

  • looking at pictures of your goal
  • affirmations – writing down and repeating daily words / statements that can help you to visualise your future and create/strengthen the mindset of your expectations
  • visiting the real thing e.g. like a brand new display home or new car yard.
  • read or listen everyday about other successful peoples experiences
  • find and read or listen everyday to educational/motivational materials

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Protect it

Protect your dream/s.Just as you would protect loved ones and posessions dear to you,the same must be applied your yuor dream/s,hopes,goals and aspirations.The reason for this is that it can be stolen or die as quick as it came into your posession.There are two ways this can happen.

1.You just decide one day to give up,give it a miss and let it die or go.This can happen after slogging away at it for a period of time and after one particular event/setback just deciding to give up.

2.The second way it can happen is that somebody else other than yourself can steal your dream.An example of this is well meaning family or friends saying something like “so and so tried that and it never worked so you shouldn’t bother trying it also”

Running with a dream can be likened to running with a ball in a contact sport like rugby league or rugby union.That ball has to be tucked under your arm tightly to protect it.As one of my former coaches used to say at training and on game day……. %$#^%$*&^)(*&_)(+_(+_+_)+_)+_)++)+_(_(_)(…….and hold the ball because you cant score without it !!!!!!

hold and protect the dream because you cant score without it !!!!!!


So now you have a dream and have decided to run with it,here are a list of things to do with it everyday :

see it and believe that you can achieve it

take action/work towards it everyday

use visualisation and imagination of your dream everyday

touch,feel,see your dream everyday

learn to accept failure as part of the journey

use positive affirmations everyday

use other peoples experiences of success and failure for your own information

read or listen everyday to educational/motivational materials

follow up and continually check,what is working and what is not with your actions everyday

Protect the dream from your own shortcomings as well as from other peoples perceptions and suggestions

i hope this article was informative as well as educational in helping you along on your journey.Please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you to assist in anyway I can.

Billy. 🙂

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2 Comments on “Do dreams come true in real life?”

  1. I love the video of Conor McGregor – especially the end where they say if you die today – what dreams die with you? I am reminded of a poem called, The Dash – when she speaks of the born on — died on dates on a tombstone and says, “what mattered most was the dash between those years”

    Visualizing is great – but without some action – dreams do die. I know too many people who watched “The Secret” and expect to sit in their living room and visualize their way to success. It takes action too and I am glad you said that in your post.

    Keep dreaming, keep doing, keep being great!

    1. Hi Heather, yes that is a cool video of Conor.I like the bit in that video where he says he “knew” without a doubt that he was going to make it.he was as confident as knowing the sun will rise tomorrow morning.The dash poem,thanks for that Heather It is now saved in my favourites!!Thanks for commenting here and your encouragement.Please contact me at if I can assist you in anyway.Thanks Heather.

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