A Dream is Born

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I become successful in life?I have, heaps of times. My definition at the time in younger years was to be well off financially. To be honest the “means ” part in that dream hasn’t changed much but the “end” goal has in what I would like to do with more “folding stuff”(money).To illustrate the concept of conceive, believe, succeed I will now compare that to my own recent personal journey.

the road ahead


Up until about March 2017, I had secure, very well-paid employment with great conditions with great friends. This lasted from about 2010 to 2017. On the surface it all looked well, but inside it was killing me. I yearned big time for a stay at home job and to re-connect with a community as my current job at the time involved too much travel and too many hours.

I became part of the furniture in airport lounges and I knew every travel trick in the book. This changed in the second last year at this job when I started to be envious of little things that “stay at home” people got to do, like go to weekend sporting events or even being able to drop the kids at school. That’s when I started to conceive a plan on how I would “escape”. I was sitting at my desk one day at work and just started to write down a list of what I wanted my life to look like.

I basically “allowed” myself to let go of the “ifs” and “buts” and just be like a kid again and dream of what could be. I described it in great detail and used to carry it around every day in a list on my phone and look at it every day. Trouble was, how the heck was I going to make it happen?It really scared me because I suppose I had become accustomed to ” good money, security, a great job” etc. I was genuinely scared for myself and my family, of the thought of giving all of that away.Leaving that particular industry meant losing all of it.

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R.Kelly sings about the concept of conceive, believe, succeed in the below video.


The “answer” soon came to me at the ripe old age of 47, Christmas eve 2016 on how this plan was going to become a reality. I had a heart attack at work that day, was on a medical evacuation flight to the nearest metropolitan hospital Christmas day and got a stent and a second chance boxing day 2016. I will always view this event as the best damn Christmas present I have ever had!!! My employer was great about it,allowing me heaps of time off. I had some recovery time but eventually I had to get back to it. When I went back to my job, my heart wasn’t in it anymore (pardon the pun), but the list in my phone was still there……

I just started reading and believing that list every day in those last few months in that job. After a lot of practical calculations and twice as much believing, I drafted my resignation email to my boss. I was fairly sweating bullets with the mouse hovering over the send button and my finger ready to press click and send. I thought I had gone mad and was about to walk away from all that “security”.

CLICK and it was on the way to the boss and then, bam!!!… The weight of that decision just lifted off me the instant I pressed “send” and the belief just kicked in immediately. Without realizing it at the time, what I had actually just done was freed my mind from focusing on the burden of that decision to now saying to myself, here is the plan we made, lets start focusing on how it’s going to happen as well as believing in it more!! Amazing how the old grey matter works hey??


Fast forward to the present day and the list in my phone of how I wanted my life to look got ticked off quick smart. In the last 11 months I have :

  • made serendipity my new best friend
  • become self-employed and started two home based businesses
  • traveled on my own terms for work, but to places I love and enjoyed the experiences
  • learned to grow veges in my back yard
  • got to drop and pick the kids up from school regularly
  • learned skills and started to participate in the digital economy
  • “fallen” in to a network of similarly minded business folk
  • avoided airport lounges and catching a plane in the last 11 months :))

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Writing this article has also awakened me to the fact that the “picture” I carried around in that phone is now complete and it’s time for me to make another list, set new goals and keep moving on. I heard somebody say once “don’t go through life, grow through life”. This can be helped along by finding, reading or listening everyday to educational/motivational materials . Excellent motto I say !!

A point I’d like to make out of this very real story is, I believe that only we as individuals, create the life we currently live from our subconscious and conscious expectations/imaginings. To put it simply, we become what we think about

This principle is referred to on multiple occasions in secular and religious teachings. In summary, I believe anybody can change their lives to whatever they want it to be if they will just apply the three steps discussed above. It can be applied to finances, relationships, lifestyle changes, studies,personal health etc. All you have to do is Conceive a plan, Believe in the plan and you will succeed with the plan.

Comments and feedback are most welcome,please leave in the section below.Thanks heaps.

Billy. 🙂

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4 Comments on “Conceive,Believe,Succeed”

  1. Hey Billy, great to see you made a plan and stuck to it. Having that list in your phone was a big factor in succeeding if you ask me. There’s nothing like not having to ‘go to work’ for another employer. Being your own boss and working whenever you want is the best feeling. I to now get to drop the kids off to school with Mum. Something previously was never possible. Congrats.

  2. Hi Billy, I absolutely love your heartwarming story of how you came to realise your dreams. I have a similar story myself and now believe 100% in the power of visualisation and the law if attraction. It really is an amazing life if you allow it to be.
    I especially loved the part where you said the moment you pressed send on your resignation letter to your boss you felt free. This is a lesson to us all about how we bind yourself in our own chains not realising we can fly.
    Thank you so much for your insights and I wish you all the luck in the world (not that you’ll need it) 🙂

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