12 simple ways to be happy in life!!

be happy whenever you get the chance :)

Hey friends and welcome to this blog sharing some tips I practice daily to help me stay upbeat every day. I have narrowed this down to 12 simple ways to be happy in life!! Just letting you know upfront that none of the stuff in this article is scientifically backed, peer reviewed, proven, discussed etc. It’s just stuff that I have come up with day in, day out in life’s school. I figure if it works for me, it may work for others, so why not share it and hopefully, it will help someone, somewhere at sometime :))

I have covered this discussion under the following headings :

accept there is a higher power than us.

Be grateful and count your blessings.


Exercise daily!!

take aim at something or hit nothing(have goals)

stand for something or fall for anything.

Breathe like a baby

have the right diet/eat or drink something today that is good for you(good stuff in equals good stuff out !!)

avoid stimulants/depressants/processed foods

avoid the well poisoners.

Learn something new every day !!

be somebody’s miracle today.

Please do enjoy this read and don’t forget to add any questions/thoughts /comments below when you are done :))

accept there is a higher power than us.

My rock,shelter,safe place,teacher,provider,friend amongst many other things.


For me, my Christian faith helps me through good and bad times to get through each day. You might ask, how does something unseen help you in practical terms each day??Well for a start it is said faith is the evidence of things unseen. It is simply my choice and a personal belief to put my trust in this faith and God and his son Jesus Christ. Following on from that statement, God is my rock, shelter, safe place, teacher and provider etc just to name a few facets of him for me. This is where I can go to rest up from the everyday battles. For others, it isn’t Christianity. It is Judaism, Buddhism, Bahai and Islam just to name a few as we all know there are multiple religions the world over.

Be grateful and count your blessings

Give thanks and count your blessings daily.

Whenever I am feeling down at the start of the day, I do this. I list 10 things in my head that I have in my life and am grateful for. This list usually gets filled up pretty quick as each of the family members I name are a blessing to me. Other things might be my job, my house, where I live, my health and so on. Try this simple exercise and I bet after the 10 things on your list you will be smiling or at least feeling better.


prayer or meditation daily helps!!

Different people call this different things, Prayer,meditation etc. I recommend putting a short time aside every day for this. Give yourself time to go to your safe and quiet place, for reflection and giving your spirit a break. Lord knows we need it in today’s fast paced world.

Exercise daily !!

A daily walk in your favorite location is a great way to exercise !!

Have a go at this every day and try and aim for thirty minutes in the session.It doesn’t have to be a marathon,boot camp or a tour de France ride but it can be as simple as a stroll, some gardening or walk to the shops instead of taking the car. I usually find that if I can combine my exercise into my day somehow or doing something I like e.g. cycling, the exercise doesn’t become something I dread. This then makes it more enjoyable. :)Have a go at doing this and see how you fell afterwards. Awesome I bet 🙂

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take aim at something or hit nothing.

aim for something no matter how big or small each day.

Would you like to feel better almost immediately during your day?Use this simple method. Write down ten things that you would like to accomplish that day. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be e.g. wash the car, make some phone calls, chip away at that uni assignment, finish the gardening. Break your goals down into daily, easy steps and you will soon find them getting done and that should help you to smile just that little more each day 🙂


stand for something or fall for anything

I need to have this in my life. Principles,transparency,honesty,integrity.Its very easy to not have this stuff in your life and go and live your life without any of it. I believe the trouble with this is that it catches up with you and eventually there will be a day of reckoning, if not in this life but the next. I would say that you and I as individuals will be happier every day if we live a life without having to “look over our shoulders” for any comeback from something wrong we have done or are doing each day.

Breathe like a baby

babies are the boss of abdominal breathing!!

This one is such a simple but effective way to start feeling great again immediately. Babies and toddlers are really good at this technique but for some reason or another we forget to do this beyond this age group. It’s belly breathing that I am talking about here. Basically the end result here is that we should retrain ourselves to breathe deeper at all times. When we shallow breathe it is only our chest that rises and falls. Yes that is good but in effect we are not actually filling our lungs to total capacity when we are inhaling meaning we still have more lung capacity for more life giving oxygen. Now try this. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and you should now notice your abdomen or belly rise and fall also noticeably .In effect what you have done is just fill your lungs to total capacity, hence max life giving oxygen intake. Try doing five of these breaths and see how you feel. Great I bet. Remember this and stick with it. More info on this can be found here !!

eat or drink something today that is good for you(good stuff in equals good stuff out !!)

fish are an excellent wholefood and part of a diet !!

This sounds pretty self-explanatory and like common sense doesn’t it?Try your best to eat a good,sensible and balanced diet because good stuff in equals good stuff out right?There is so much information out there on diet and health etc. that I am sure I am confused about it all as maybe you are. I am no diet guru so I will keep this point simple. Good stuff in equals good stuff out, we feel better from this and hence there is a good chance that we will be happier for it. Try it out for yourself 🙂

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avoid stimulants/depressants.

One way of looking at our bodies is that they are big bags full of different chemicals. The composition of these chemicals have different effects on our bodies, good and bad. Sure as night follows day, there are chemicals found in everyday food and drink that can alter your feeling of well-being for the good and the not so good. Coffee and caffeine containing drinks can sometimes leave you feeling anxious, irritable,with a higher than normal blood pressure. Another ‘mind alterer” is alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant drug, which means it slows down the messages between brain and body.No scientific explanation needed here as there is a sea of knowledge on the effects of alcohol and how it can harm individuals, families,communities and whole populations. The point of this paragraph is that our bag of chemicals can be mixed with other chemicals voluntarily and involuntarily and this can in fact alter the way we are feeling for the good or the bad 🙂

avoid the well poisoners

Don't let anybody poison your well!!


What the heck is a well poisoner?In days past and on into today in Australia, local indigenous people and settlers had naturally occurring and man made wells of water. With Australia being such a dry continent in places, these wells were and still are important to the survival of people, flora and fauna and livestock. As we all know, water the world over is life giving stuff right?A “well poisoner” is a nickname given to that one standout negative person in a group e.g. a workplace. They can be found by observing their behaviour which includes :

  • derogatory, cynical comments;
  • they always see the worst in a situation;
  • they have a general pessimistic outlook in life.

Stay away from these people, they will poison your well I.e. your spirit and bring you down !!

learn something new every day !!

Try and learn something new everyday!!

Learn something new every day!! The best way to avoid boredom, depression and that here we go again feeling today is to learn something new that day. It can be such a simple task as we are surrounded by information online and in print every day and for the most part it is free. The local library, internet and downloadable audio and video podcasts are just some sources we can go to. The new learning can be related to work or home, with professional colleagues or family and friends. Ever seen and old car engine that hasn’t been used for a long time. Lift the hood and its full of cobwebs and maybe by now, some seized up parts. Avoid the cobwebs and seized parts between your own ears and learn something new everyday 🙂

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be somebody’s miracle today.

lend a helping hand today!!

There have been times in my own life where I have been praying for a miracle but had no idea where it was going to come from. All of a sudden someone was placed in my life at that point that really helped me that day with a kind or encouraging word or action that saved me that day. My recommendation here is to be on the lookout for the opportunity to be a “miracle” for somebody each day. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be a simple kind gesture or word etc.

So there we have it folks, 12 simple ways that I use to be happy in life!! Obviously, life is not roses every day but these suggestions are still ways to mitigate the effects of dealing with the battles of our lives every day.These methods may not be for everybody but please do use what you can and throw away what you can’t. I truly hope that this article was able to assist somebody, somewhere !!

If you have any questions or thoughts on how this article was able to assist you, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!”

Billy 🙂

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8 Comments on “12 simple ways to be happy in life!!”

  1. Humm I couldn’t get to your website. It says refuse to connect. I would love to take a look at it when you get that problem fixed. It could be my computer or internet…but I’m getting to other sites so I don’t know the problem. I love the pictures that showed up though. 

    1. Hi Susan,thanks for your input here.I hope you do try and access my site again.It could be that I was doing some site maintenance when you were trying to get through.Please do try again and leave a comment again if you get through.Thanks Susan. :))

  2. Its a great site with loads of useful advice. Just a pity that it seems to take an age to download. Also the recent comments repeatedly asking about yoga are a little off-putting as they look formulated. They would look better if they covered different subjects.

    As for the site speed I would check in WA if there is a plug in that could speed up your site.

  3. There are many beautiful parts to your post.

    If these 12 simple ways were acknowledged and practiced by everyone everyday, what a wonderful place the world could be.

    I am not sure if it correct for me to say I had a favorite as each one of the 12 points were equally great, however, I could not help but be pulled towards learning something new ever day.

    It is clear to see from the passionate way you write, that you truly believe each one of these 12 principles is imortant and I wish you massive success in sharing your message with the world.

    May you be the miracle!


    1. Thanks Tim for your observations.There is no secret to this stuff for me.It just works and life is chugging along nicely for me on these principles. :))

  4. Everything that has been said here is very true about living a happy life. People nowadays are sick because they no longer take any of this into practice, people are complaining of things they dont have and forget to thank God that they have their lives and those little things God has given to them and they even forget to help other people so they will be blessed also.

    As of food, i really love it when you say you , you get what you give. Your body will be what you eat. This is very informative for living a healthy life.

    1. thanks heaps for your comment here friend.These twelve items keep me on an even keel everyday.I hope that this article can do the same for you also :))

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